Small Business Wellness Coaching

Are you a small business owner interested in the benefits of wellness coaching?

An employee spends most of their time every week in their workplace.  The culture and opportunities that surround them daily can influence their health. 

By investing in the long term health of your employees, not only are you creating a positive culture…you are  empowering them to improve their quality and length of life, and increase their efficiency and productivity at work.

Health Risk Assessment

A health risk assessment (HRA), is a questionnaire that evaluates lifestyle factors and health risks of an individual. Topics include nutrition, fitness, stress, sleep, mental health, and biometric information such as blood pressure and cholesterol. An HRA will help identify risk of chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity.

Wellness Session

Each employee is offered a personal wellness session with a certified health coach. This one-on-one collaborative conversation where a coach elicits motivation, increases the capacity to change, and facilitates a change process through visioning, goal setting, and accountability.

Customized online Portal

A custom program is setup for your business and is accessible via web browser or mobile device app. Employees have optional nutrition, activity and metric logging available to them.

Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Culture
Beyond improving employee well-being and lowering employer medical costs, lifestyle medicine in the workplace can also dramatically enhance organizational health. For starters, lifestyle medicine’s emphasis on reducing stress leads to increased employee engagement. Healthier and better-rested workers are also safer and more productive. It is no surprise, then, that research continues to show that organizations with the healthiest cultures are those in which employee well-being is a top priority, rather than those in which bottom-line considerations are the primary driver of management decision-making. Those healthy cultures consistently outperform by most financial metrics, too.”

Download of Case for Lifestyle Medicine

58% Vs 31%
In one study, nearly six in 10 people with pre-diabetes avoided getting type 2 diabetes through lifestyle medicine interventions – almost twice as many as those who took a prescription drug.

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) | Diabetes Care (
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