Get Fit…Don’t Throw One

We all know that almost all New Years Resolutions fail. Way to be positive Angie right? Just hear me out.  Could it be that goals are too lofty? Or maybe too intimidating?

Whatever the reason, it’s time to take a different approach. Especially when it comes to your fitness routine. Low key ones are perfect if your are overwhelmed and don’t feel motivated to make a huge change….

Based on where you are at on your routine check out the following resolutions.

Commit to just one workout per week. Start gradually and eventually that one workout will be your warm up and each week will get easier and easier until that desire will be there for more than just one time a week. Working out regularly but it’s not working out? Have you been consistent with your workouts but haven’t got the results you were looking for? Change it up!  Commit to the same number per week but if you have been going to a cycling class switch over to a yoga class. Walking on a treadmill daily? Switch over to a bike. By sparking a change in your routine, your muscles will be forced to work differently and hopefully you will begin to see the results you are looking for!

I wish a Blessed New Year for all of you and a Happy New YOU!

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