Valentines Day

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Some celebrate it. For others it is just another day of the month. Studies show that the average amount people spend on Valentines Day is $147.00. This year instead of spending that money on a giant stuffed bear, chocolates, or a last-minute gift consider a cooking class, tickets to the theater. Research shows that experiences make people happier than material things. If cards are important to you, bring your Valentines with you to the store, walk down the card aisle, you each pick a card you think fits your love, hand it to them, you read them together then tuck them back onto the shelf. I actually read some people do this! True story folks I can’t make it up. Makes sense in a way though….I mean after all cards are today almost as much as a gift. Regardless of how you choose to spend your day/evening with your Valentine make it special, be creative. You have so many healthy options out there. Healthy meals do exist. I always tell my husband not to waste money on flowers because they just die. To me a piece of scratch paper wrote on about what we mean to each other is far more treasured than any materialistic item. Be grateful for who you have in your life, let them know how much they mean to you and remember strawberries are ALWAYS a good choice too!

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