The one…the only…Mr. Brent Smith

Today’s transformation post goes out to…

the one…

the only…

Mr. Brent Smith

From the band Shinedown
(If I had to tell you the band name…I don’t know if we can be…ahhh I just need some time…it’s ok…we will get thru this) 🤣
The best transformation stories are the ones where the person is caring enough to pay it forward to others.  I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Brent last winter and I can honestly say he is so humble and kind.   Brent has battled with alcohol and drug addiction.  But he turned his life and health around for himself, his family and his fans.   Brent lost 70 lbs with Insanity!   In turn, he inspires our Shinedown Nation family to be their best version of themselves with his words and music.

I fell in love with Shinedown around the same time that I became a Shaun T fan as well.  Like Brent, I got hooked on a late night infomercial on a T25 and thought…”Hey I can do that!”  I love how the band does the workouts together and their work has definitely paid off!

Do you want to become an Insane-iac like Brent and I?

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