Form is key- Leg day!

Do you record your form when you workout? Anytime I am sore or upping my weights, I like to check my form.

I have been fighting mis-alignment in a few places for years.  Chronic neck and back issues for 20+ years hasn’t helped either.   But I also know how important it is to maintain muscle function as I grow older.  So weight lifting I go!  My increased core and back strength over the last couple of years since I started lifting has helped me tremendously with my back issues.

I upped my sumo squat to 40lbs!   A weight that I hadn’t touched since this spring.  Squats with 20’s, deadlifts with 30’s and side lunges with 20’s.  Going to need a wheelchair tomorrow but love the progress I have seen in three short weeks!

This program proves that hour long workouts are not a requirement for gains.  Contact me today about joining our next virtual bootcamp!

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