Destress Time

How do we take care of ourselves? We try to eat healthy. We try to exercise daily. We try and not stress, think positive, the list goes on and on. Let’s take a deeper look in ways we can help our bodies recover or destress. #1 on my list is Epsom Salt bath. Wal-Mart sells Dr. Teals Epsom salt for around $5.00. They combine Epsom salt and menthol, both known to comfort and relieve overworked muscles, allowing for better performance. It is advised to try and soak for 20 minutes to help speed recovery time. This salt not only soothes the body but provides the ideal opportunity to relax (something a lot of us struggle with) in a warm bath, quiet the mind and destress. Studies show that meditation improves mental health, attitude, and performance. Looking on the internet I have found many different kinds of salts and many different uses for them including sunburn relief, relieves dry lips, bee stings, and splinter remedy. Destress……for such a small word it’s a big deal. Stress is one of the most damaging things we deal with regularly. The irony is that stress itself is not a bad thing. In fact, stress is an important natural response to danger and to challenge, which increases our athletic performance, our focus, and our likelihood of winning any confrontation. The problem is when stress becomes chronic.  The body spends too long in this state. The immune system, digestion, and even our creativity are all suppressed when we are stressed and this leaves us vulnerable to illness and depression. It can also cause elevated heart rates and increased blood pressure. Something I am all too familiar with having to be on blood pressure medicine since age 35. There are many other things that work against us where stress is concerned. So how can we try to help ourselves? Meditate….practice concentrating your attention on your breathing, or on clearing your mind. Enroll in exercise classes. I happen to know an amazing fitness instructor I would love to introduce you to. Take up painting, read, like green tea? It’s not for me but maybe you would like it. Go for a walk, listen to relaxing music, look at the color green…..yes it has been known to relax and comfort the mind, hang out with friends, watch a comedy, spend time with a pet, get a massage, or take up yoga in the park with friends. Destressing and recovery time is just as important as challenging yourself in life with whatever it may be so take time out for you because you are so worth it.

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