Well this subject is from own personal experience this week. I will admit I am bad about getting in all my H20 in a days time. Recently I completed a marathon and although I finished I lacked drinking enough water and as a result it landed me in the doctors office. I started a conversation with the doctor and told her I drank a lot of tea , and had a few black coffees throughout the week. She informed me that was a diuretic and although it was unsweetened and the coffee was black I had better choices I could make. Too much tea is not good. It can cause dehydration if “abused”. She got my attention and as a result I am trying my best to “wean” myself off both. I have been an avid tea drinker for years. I have been pop free for 5 years now and don’t miss it….but did go through headache withdrawals as I am experiencing currently this week. I strongly advice thinking twice about the amount of liquid intake you take daily. You have a choice. Don’t become dehydrated that can also lead to other things and land yourself in the doctors office like I did this week. I am not going to admit to being a pro at this whole health thing as I am learning things daily myself but if I can put one road block up from my mistake and make someone think twice about what they are drinking every day then it will have served it’s purpose. Educate yourself about what you are putting into your body, that could go for food as well but I really wanted to speak of the importance of drinking water opposed to other things I had been doing. It’s not too late, we all have choices, and we are in control of those choices. Cheers to water with a little lemon in it or take fruit and freeze it in ice cube form to add to that water. Choices….we are challenged to make them daily.

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