Trail Safety

brown wooden bridge between lifeless tree under clear blue sky during day time
Photo by Tookapic on

Why am I writing about much less thinking about walking/running the trail in the middle of Winter? Well because it’s going to be 55 degrees this coming Saturday and let me check the date….ummmm yep I thought so. It is JANUARY!  Should it surprise us? Probably not, after all we are living in Iowa. So my mind could not help but think of hitting the trail here in my hometown Saturday making some time for me.  Which also reminded me of trails and how things could go wrong if  you are not aware of your surroundings. Sad I know, but true. So there are many ways you can prepare yourself and feel confident while you are out there. Maybe grab a friend, a buddy go in pairs of two. Pepper Spray. I am the owner of one of these. Many places sell these. I know even one of our shoe store sell them. Mine cost around 10.00. Could very well be the best 10 dollars I ever spent someday. You never want to think of it, but it is best to be prepared. Take a self-defense class……yes! I did this with Sarah and another friend of mine and it was very beneficial. They always offer them here and if you are not from here check with your hometown. I will always remember certain moves that will help me get free if ever the unfortunate day should happen and hope I am able to use them to my advantage. Use your voice…..scream as loud as you can. Always make sure you make eye contact with the person who is coming towards you in case they are the assailant and decide to turn back around and approach you from behind. A self defense class will teach you all the moves you will find beneficial if ever in this type of situation. Trails should be a good thing and they can be just as long as you use caution.

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