Back in the Groove

So the winter blues got me early this year. It’s amazing how fast when you slip backwards how I seem to always find the pot holes…..then I linger for a few weeks until I watch others around me….not the ones I used to watch but the small gang I am proud to be a part of who make their health a priority… know the ones I am talking about. The ones who on a daily basis post their goals their achievements, and yes even their struggles, the ones who watch their nutrition….always self conscious about what they put in their mouth. The people I would call a role model. Sure I can speak positive vibes and I can encourage others but am I feeding myself at the same time….I mean really feeding myself the health talk? Sometimes….not always. I am human. I screw up. Don’t always make the right choices. One thing IS different though from past years. I am self conscious about the choices I make whether they were smart or not so much… is always on my mind.  Before I would have not thought twice about it. So it is important to surround yourself with not only good vibes but the people who bring them to you and yes sometimes in life that means either walking away from the negative ones if they mentally bring you down continually or learn to stand your ground and be aware.  Those positive peeps keep them close in your pocket and never take them for granted. Sometimes they are the ones responsible for helping you get back into the groove. Since I have started another program with an amazing virtual boot camp full of amazing women I once again have a better outlook on life, get through daily anxiety struggles better than ever, am in a good mood, remember what is most important in life, and being active on a daily basis makes me feel good about myself. When you feel good, you look good, and when you look good you give 110% to every situation that comes into your world. At the end of the day when you put your head on that pillow you know what you did was good for not only you mentally but physically and that good night sleep your about to get is going to give you the energy to get up, refuel, and face the world once again! Now go get in that groove and enjoy the journey!

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