Roll and Release

So it begins!

You finally decided to focus on yourself! First of all kuddos!!  It’s a hard decision to make when we get so absorbed in the hustle and bustle of everyday mom/dad life or just life in general! You attended your first workout of the year, made it through the entire week…yay you!! Now your muscles are talking to you. Tomorrow is rest day but they just won’t shut up. They are going to benefit from roll and release. Foam rollers can be picked up at any Wal-Mart store or fitness related store for a little bit of nothing. You can not put a price on making those muscles happy especially when you are in the long haul together for life. By applying pressure to pinpointed spots on muscles, tendons, and ligaments, foam rolling can loosen tight soft tissue and can improve blood flow This stimulates your muscles for optimal recovery and performance and gives your bones a better support system.Is it bad to foam roll every day? No. It reduces soreness and tightness from working out as it works by massaging away fascia build up in your muscles, which often lead to painful sore muscles. Is it better to foam roll before or after a workout? Foam rolling prior to a workout can help decrease muscle density and promote a better warm up. Rolling after a workout may help muscles recover from strenuous workouts. You can always check out you tube videos to ensure you are getting the most out of your rolling and doing it properly.

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