Get Healthier at Home

You know what they say….”It starts in the home/” Wait, are we talking about raising children or eating healthy. BOTH! Here are some tips to get healthier at home.

Practice portion control to immediately lower how much sugar you are eating.

Skip the soda, pop, whatever you want to

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call it….it’s not good for you. Sugary drinks are the single largest source of added sugar in America. Instead, drink plain water or add fruit to it. If you go to pinterest (ahhhh yes I am addicted but in a good way!) you will find so many ways to “dress up” a plain glass of water. Drink unsweetened tea, unsweetened almond milk, or black coffee.

Trade sugary foods for fiber, healthy fats and lean protein. Whole grains, fish, low-fat meals, buts and high fiber veggies such as broccoli and brussels sprouts (my fav!) contain key nutrients and fill you up more than pastries or chips.

Rather than topping your cereal and oatmeal with sugar, add fresh strawberries, slice up a banana. Cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg enhance the flavor without adding extra sugar.

5 benefits of limiting sugar.

  1. You will lose weight.
  2. You will improve your overall health.
  3.  You will look younger.
  4. You’ll experience fewer cravings.
  5. You’ll reset your palate.


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